What is the Best IBM TWS Alternative?

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  • “A key feature for Postbank is CA Automic Workload Automation's unique ability to enable real-time, online batch processing which is a critical need in today's world of online banking.”

    Klaus Demel

    System Manager

  • “By changing to CA Automic, we have finally been able to get rid of the problems caused by having several different schedulers.”

    Jan Tomsik

    Information and Communication Department,
    Technological Services Škoda

  • “The ease of use, the rich functionality and the rapid creation of workflows were all very impressive.”

    Hasan Inceoglu

    Senior VP of technology,
    ING Bank

  • “By pairing AWS with CA Automic, we are able to save 1.5 million dollars annually.”

    Carlos Agudelo

    Chief of Infrastructure and Operations,

  • “I am impressed by the depth of functionality available with CA Automic’s Workload Automation product… The commitment from the CA team is very positive and they are responsive when working with us and our partners resolving issues.”

    Dominick Smyth

    F&A Service Delivery Manager,

  • “The success of TUI depends a great deal on the reliability of its background processing. With CA Automic Workload Automation we are playing it safe, since this product provides the much-celebrated single point of control”

    Wolgang Utesch

    Director of Production Planning

  • “The implementation of CA Automic Workload Automation has enabled Stockmann to pursue its strategic business goals without having to worry about whether the IT infrastructure can support this.”

    Lauri Hellsten

    Integration Manager,

  • “With CA Automic’s help, we can now manage our process chains centrally, which means that we can significantly reduce the manual work involved and also the ongoing maintenance costs.”

    Dr. Thomas Thalhammer

    Verantwortlicher Entreprise Architect,
    Spar ICS Osterreich

  • “In terms of effort, switching to a new version of the old solution would have been about the same as introducing CA Automic Workload Automation. We decided to start planning with CA Automic Workload Automation.”

    Jug Della Putta

    Head of IT Application Operations

  • “There are very few automation solutions that automate processes well. Most are just additional pieces of a larger IT solution. So when we find a solution that works, like CA Automic, we don’t change it.”

    Michel Buo

    Group EMEA Data Center Vendor Manager

  • “Our workflow processes are global across businesses. They span multiple applications. It is essential for the business that we have control and visibility of the end-to-end business process, not just control of individual tasks.”

    Toni Gasser

    Head of Information Management

  • “It was important for us find a solution that was easy to use and gave us enterprise wide visibility of batch processes. My staff was keen to move on from a tool that gave us green on black screen displays. We wanted to minimize maintenance with single sign-on security and to find a tool that offered cross platform support for Windows, INM z/OS and iSeries.”

    Anders Weiss

    Global Operations Manager, Mainframe Operations and Preparation & Planning,
    Sandvik Group

Is Your Workload Automation Fit for the Digital Age?

In these days of digital transformation and constant disruption, it’s important the workload automation solution you choose to run your business is agile enough to adapt and support business growth.

Many automation vendors allow key operational tools to become legacy apps. At CA we believe in constantly progressing our workload automation tools to suit the digital age in which we operate, and in keeping full control of that progression.

CA Automic Stacks up on Features


CA Automic empowers IT Ops

Service Delivery

  • Control business processes end-to-end with single point of control
  • Meet availability levels the business is asking with native active-active high availability
  • Ensure your automation never stops with zero maintenance window architecture
  • Fulfill compliance requirements with documented and auditable processes

Innovation & Growth

  • Accelerate response to business with automation engine that scales dynamically
  • Install new versions and features
  • Get new product version every year and new add-ons every few weeks on the Automic Marketplace
  • Fully leverage advantages of the Cloud with multi-tenant automation engine

Cost Reduction

  • Improve team efficiency with a single automation platform for mainframe, distributed and cloud
  • Pay as you grow with automation engine that scales on-demand
  • Rationalize number of scheduling tools for one unique annual license fee
  • Set cost-effective enablement with e-Learning courses and online certification

Reliable Migration

  • Benefit from a proven track record of migration with hundreds of successful projects
  • Experience fast and reliable migration from TWS with fully automated process
  • Get direct support from Automic experts in Europe, Asia and USA
  • Provision of high quality automation customer support