About us

At Automic our vision is simple.

We help companies deliver their big ideas and stay competitive by automating day to day business processes. Our goal is to automate billions of tasks across millions of apps and servers and complete them in record-breaking time, to free up the best and brightest. We ensure businesses have the best opportunity to meet the demands of today’s consumer and fast-paced digital world.

Welcome to Automic: Discover Automic and how you can deal with technological change using Automation

Across all sectors, companies realize that to stay competitive, they must become software-driven organizations. From customer-driven digital transformation, to cloud computing, to big data, to the Internet of Things, software is consuming the enterprise.

Software is nothing new. What’s new is how sophisticated and connected automation has become and how it can fundamentally change every aspect of a business. The result is agile businesses with the productivity effectively to innovate, meet customer expectations and to stay competitive. The fundamental story is a move from siloed automation to a fully-scaled organizational and cultural transformation that takes full advantage of the digital age.


Company Values

Integrity First

  • We are open and honest
  • We treat others as we want to be treated
  • We admit mistakes early, do the right thing and ask for help
  • We respect and trust each other

Customer Focused

  • We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes
  • We honor our commitments
  • We strive for 100% customer satisfaction
  • We are responsive and follow through
  • We listen to our customers’ needs


People Centric

  • We believe in a balance of family, health and work
  • We empower every individual to make a difference
  • We encourage team spirit, cooperation and having fun together
  • We commit to collaborative communication across all teams & locations
  • We celebrate team success and recognize individual achievements

Results Matter

  • We hold ourselves accountable to our individual and team goals
  • We strive for the highest levels of excellence in our results
  • We take bold action to achieve our objectives
  • We think out of the box
  • We are passionate and go the extra mile

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