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Automic Communities and Think Tank for smarter IT operations

Automic Communities and the Automic Think Tank comprise groups of like-minded IT managers —drawn from all areas of IT—that have joined forces to help identify the vision, innovations and ideas that will shape tomorrow’s IT Operations management.

The knowledge and insight they inspire are published regularly in the form of white papers, guides and articles. Every year, Communities and the Think Tank welcome new members—IT managers from all industry sector.

Automic Think Tank: IT Operations Performance

The first community dedicated solely to the study of IT Operations performance was established in 2010. Drawing on industry best practice, this Think Tank has defined an innovative means of optimizing operational performance. The Think Tank is now in its fifth season, and already recruiting new members for its sixth season. The meetings are currently conducted in France, but customers from all over the world are welcome.

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Automic Community: Capacity Management

The Capacity Management Community was launched in 2013. It aims to build and share new knowledge on the future direction and roadmap for Capacity Management over the next 3-5 years. Based in Paris, the community welcomes international new members every month.

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Automic Community: DevOps and Measurement

This year, Automic Institute launched a third community dedicated to DevOps. The challenge for IT managers is to bring Development and Operations teams closer together: establishing a common culture, greater collaboration and a higher degree of automation between both parties. This alignment is made more difficult by the fact each team uses its own tools, processes and metrics. Hence the importance of measurement to ensure both teams are working to achieve common goals.

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Automic Think Tank to manage IT Operations through performance

Driving operational performance

The Automic Think Tank comprises 20 IT decision makers from various industries and the public sector—all dedicated to optimizing IT operations performance and efficiency.

A catalyst for change

The issue of efficiency and resource management is more important than ever in IT Operations. Quality is no longer a sufficient differentiator—cost has become the overriding concern. Agility is another major challenge: in an era of Cloud, mobility and big data, information systems need to adapt quickly to rapidly changing resource perimeters. Against this backdrop, IT operations can benefit significantly from the experience, expert knowledge and insight of IT practitioners to help drive ever-greater efficiency and performance.

A new indicator for IT Operations Performance

IT Operations can benefit significantly from a model used in industry to measure inefficiency. The Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is commonly used to measure the performance of industrial operations, with data derived from rates of product quality, performance and availability. OEE enables practitioners to focus on waste and determine a process for optimizing efficiency.

Automic Think Tank publications

The Think Tank’s first white paper, published in 2011, was the culmination of a year of reflection and analysis between Automic and its customers. Both parties worked on the innovative OEE indicator for industrial efficiency.

In 2012, members move from theory to the practice of applying OEE in organizations, including measurement and control, the standardization of concepts and the identification of new demands. The results were published in the second volume of the White Paper, “Leading IT Operations Performance”.

In 2013 and 2014 the Think Tank extended the adoption of the OEE methodology, with the publication of the first practical guide to OEE implementation.

Automic Capacity Management Community

Why a Community dedicated to Capacity Management?

Compared with other IT disciplines, Capacity Management is a relatively young and embryonic move for most IT departments. However, Capacity Management can’t be ignored given its influence on business change, business efficiency and predicting future business and IT needs.

Capacity management typically raises the following questions:

  • How does my organization move beyond Performance Management and Capacity planning?
  • What activities would help align the IT infrastructure with business demand?
  • What is the role of the Capacity Manager in managing demand?

Capacity Management under the microscope

The Automic Capacity Management Community has been established to study Capacity Management in greater depth than ever before—to equip organizations with the knowledge they need to optimize IT planning and the demands of the business.

The Community addresses all Capacity Management professionals—data analysts, production experts, IT architects or financial experts—across all industry sectors. Through this Community, the Automic Institute will promote networking peer exchanges and sharing of best practices. 

The Community is always welcoming new members, so why not join today? You could be innovating the next chapter in Capacity Management.

In 2016, the group opens the door to new thinkers. That includes you. So why not adopt OEE today?

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