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Temenos is a critical financial backend system, delivering core processing, regulatory, and compliance functionality, as well as multichannel banking services, financial close and reporting. To stay agile and deliver digital transformation, banks and other financial institutions need to automate the release processes for Temenos core banking apps.

This is where CA Automic Continuous Delivery for Temenos comes in. This unique solution delivers Temenos core banking deployments and releases with the speed and agility typically experienced by Mode 2, digital frontend systems. Using CA Automic Continuous Delivery for Temenos, banks and other financial institutions achieve their agile, digital transformation strategies more quickly and securely—and at lower cost.

DevOps for banking and financial services

Most vendors offering DevOps, Application Release Automation, or Continuous Delivery solutions focus on Mode 2 applications—modern, digital, and agile apps. CA Technologies views IT and DevOps in a broader context, providing Continuous Delivery for both Mode 1 and Mode 2 applications. CA Automic enables agility to core backend banking applications such as Temenos while also providing greater compliance, safety, and scale to modern agile digital applications.

CA Automic Continuous Delivery for Temenos allows banks and other financial institutions to join the DevOps revolution and create a broader Continuous Delivery pipeline that blends Temenos core banking deployments with the deployments of other tangent or dependent systems.


  • Improve security controls and compliance for Temenos core banking deployments.
  • Visualize the Temenos deployment pipeline.
  • Shrink Temenos maintenance windows.
  • Monitor deployments in real-time.
  • Reduce ownership costs.

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