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CA Automic Workload Automation for Temenos Banking and Finance

The Temenos core banking platform is a market-leading solution that allows users to significantly outperform their peers. It provides rich functionality with cutting-edge technology and includes real-time embedded analytics with a sophisticated product builder.

However, in an environment where visibility and control over the close of business (COB) processing is critical to banking operations and customer service, organizations using Temenos still need to overcome a number of operational challenges. Often COB processes are inefficient and fraught with potential delays, and as a company grows these processes only get more complex, more time-consuming and more demanding.

Indeed, to try and counter such obstacles business are providing an excessive number of individuals with access rights and the ability to execute complex manual procedures. This in turn generates both security risks and increases the possibility of mistakes.

CA Automic Workload Automation delivers intelligent business automation for critical COB processing into an intuitive GUI, thus reducing human access to the system and offering additional insights through real-time dashboards. Seamlessly integrating with your Temenos Core Banking, it automates all COB workload processes, and other surrounding procedures, including file transfers, backups and reporting, or indeed any other utility that may run alongside core banking processes.

This significantly increases reliability and control, while also lowering risks and streamlining business reporting. Furthermore, it improves audit and compliance by reducing the need for staff to access both Temenos core banking and the underlying application servers for recording requests, activities and results.

CA Automic Workload Automation for Temenos Core Banking Features:

  • Integrated managed file transfer (MFT) – eliminate extra tools or FTP/FTPS servers with fully automated MFT that integrates with your Temenos core banking processing
  • Dynamic webpage dashboard monitors comos, phantoms, services, queues and joblists
  • Automated execution of Temenos core banking pre and post COB tasks
  • REST API to simplify integration across the entire enterprise application landscape

The Benefits of CA Automic Workload Automation for Temenos T24:

  • Simplify management of Temenos core banking workloads and lower maintenance costs
  • IImproved security controls: restrict IT Operations use of powerful operating system or Temenos commands
  • Eliminate need to grant direct access to users who need to run Temenos jobs
  • Unified interface with service level management and workload analytics provides a shared automation platform for IT and Finance to drive success
  • Gain control with real-time dashboards of processing state