SAP System Copy with CA Automic

Simplify, streamline and automate the SAP system copy process

Today, organizations are looking to align the pace of new digital technology with traditional SAP and core business applications.

Creating copies of SAP production systems is a common SAP Basis procedure. However, it is not unusual for SAP system copies, including post-editing, to take several days to complete. During this time, testing, development and training activities grind to a halt, and the large number of manual tasks associated with SAP system copy tie up your skilled BASIS resources.

CA Automic Automated System Copy for SAP enables you to optimize system copy processes.

Providing a high degree of automation, CA Automic Automated System Copy for SAP enables the SAP system copy process to run more agile, faster and smarter with a unified interface, unified reporting, and unified analytics.

This greatly improves processing performance, provides transparent visibility into the SAP system copy process and ensures that testing, development and training systems are not sitting idle.

CA Automic Automated System Copy for SAP features:

  • Best practice templates – drive faster, more efficient SAP pre-processing, copy and post-processing
  • Parallel processing – run tasks in parallel and increase process efficiency
  • Data masking – mask SAP data in system copies, anonymizing sensitive data used in non-production environments
  • Data slicing – reduce the size of data volumes, slicing data according to date, function and other data requirements
  • Self-service – enable end users to initiate system copies by themselves via a self-service portal

The benefits of CA Automic Automated System Copy for SAP:

  • Reduce wait times by up to 90%
  • Ensure systems are available twice as quickly
  • Perform development, test and training, using 100% real-life data with security and privacy
  • Ensure parameters are correct 100% of the time


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