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Nearly every company today is under pressure to deliver high quality software at a much faster pace – together, CA Service Virtualization can help alleviate this pressure. Ultimately, where the pressure comes from – management, your market, or your customers – doesn't matter. The bottom line is better software, delivered faster, is an expectation in the modern application economy. Continuous delivery offers a set of practices and methods to release software at higher frequencies; however, deployment methodology and automation alone will not allow you to reach your full potential.

One of the challenges the modern software factory faces are bottlenecks created by interdependent applications and services. Interdependencies can often cause separate development teams to wait on each other while they each rush to build the functionality the other needs. CA Service Virtualization simulates real services that may be unavailable across the software development lifecycle, or whose use incurs costs.

Every second and penny counts for modern software factories. CA Service Virtualization will allow developers, testers, integration, and performance teams to work in parallel so they can deliver higher quality software faster.

CA Automic Release Automation allows the enterprise to deploy their diverse application portfolio into production safely. Whether an app is commercial off-the-shelf, or developed in-house, a microservice or mainframe, CA Automic Release Automation is engineered for the enterprise and provides a consistent, repeatable and auditable CD pipeline.

Combining CA Service Virtualization with CA Automic Release Automation will empower your organization to increase the frequency, quality and safety of all your software releases.

CA Automic Release Automation with CA Service Virtualization Provides

  • Integrated and automated app testing of dependent services as part of an application release process
  • Full stack provisioning of an app ecosystem in lower environments
  • Increased thoroughness, productivity, and speed of software releases
  • Significantly boosted quality of deployed software
  • Reduced application development and release costs


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