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Service catalog automation enables more agile, efficient and accurate service delivery 

Are your internal customers frustrated by IT services delivery and looking externally for their services? The fault probably lies with your service delivery process. Although you offer self-service request initiation, manual coordination of service delivery coupled with a high volume of non-standard requests can easily result is service delivery delays and errors, plus time-consuming and expensive manual intervention.

Automic Service Orchestration automates the delivery of your complete IT computing services at the touch of a button, through integrations with service request management applications and Service Catalogs. Users select service offers from a familiar user interface that triggers an end-to-end Automic Service Orchestration workflow for hands-off service provisioning and changes.

Services designed using the Automic tools are published to a Service Catalog along with input data requirements to fully execute service delivery. A Service Manager for the Service Catalog easily exposes the input data requirements as forms for user data entry when a service is selected from available offers in the Service Catalog.

The Automic orchestrated process embeds within existing ITSM processes to reduce errors and ensure compliance with documented approval and change management processes.

Demo: Self-service Job Request Management for automation

Simplify and accelerate the delivery of automation services.

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Automic Service Orchestration for Service Catalog Integration features:

  • Agility – REST-based Service API for request management and pre-configured plug-ins expedite integration with ITSM service request management and Service Catalogs
  • Flexibility – modeled service definitions enable options that reduce non-standard requests
  • Service management integration – ITSM integrations for request, incident and change management enable inclusion of request fulfillment orchestration into existing IT processes
  • Certified ServiceNow integration – ServiceNow Service Connector plug-in for ASO SAPI
  • Unified Interface, unfiied reporting, and unified analytics for a clearoverview of your orchestration toolchain

The benefits of Automic Service Orchestration for Service Catalog Integration:

  • Rapid, hands-off service delivery – more scalable for increasing rate of requests
  • Less effort to publish new service offers and keep them up to date
  • More staff time to work on new services and service features

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