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SAP HANA Automation and Automic

A big data strategy based on SAP HANA addresses the “three Vs” of big data: volume, variety, and velocity. But to get there, your organization need to tackle key integration and technology transformation issues. You also need to ensure that critical business processes are not disrupted as changes are introduced. So how do you achieve success in projects dealing with this much technological change and potential impact on current business processes?

Accelerated SAP HANA business processes

With Automic, you can maximize your investment in SAP HANA and gain significant competitive advantage by making better decisions and achieving deeper insights from massive volumes of data in real-time. The Automic SAP HANA Automation solution automates business processes, in turn streamlining projects, ensuring data accuracy, and delivering faster, better technology adoption. Among many features, SAP HANA automation gives you the flexibility to execute event-based automation within SAP HANA, accelerate SAP HANA database processes, and optimize SAP System Copy process on top of HANA.


  • Integrate SAP HANA database jobs with other enterprise business application workload, enhancing IT process visibility and control
  • Automate and integrate SAP ERP jobs on top of SAP HANA with other enterprise business processes
  • Optimize and streamline SAP System Copies based on SAP HANA to deliver fresh environments at pace


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