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SAP Automation with Automic

SAP automation simplifies and accelerates both SAP and non-SAP processes

SAP business processes are the front line of your business—streamlining everything from manufacturing and service, to sales and finance. However, they typically extend beyond SAP to other systems which may reside on-premise, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. The complexity of this IT landscape creates processing errors and delays that frustrate customers; application silos limit your visibility and control; while your staff are tied up managing processes and checking for errors. So how do you achieve SAP acceleration?

Automic Workload Automation for SAP enables your organization to optimize SAP system processing and integrate SAP systems with non-SAP systems—connecting the business processes they support. Certified by the SAP Integration & Certification Center, Workload Automation for SAP significantly improves processing performance and provides visibility of the entire process, ensuring you fully realize your SAP investment.

Automic Workload Automation for SAP features:

  • Integrated managed file transfer (MFT) – Eliminate extra tools or FTP/FTPS servers with fully automated MFT that integrates with your SAP processing
  • Job interception – Intercept jobs that are created by SAP components and manage them directly inside ONE Automation workflows.
  • Batch input sessions – Accelerate SAP batch by selecting batch input sessions according to defined criteria and scheduling them as workload automation jobs
  • Dynamic variant management – Dynamically create and modify SAP variants from the user interface, ensuring that jobs scheduled by Workload Automation for SAP receive exactly the required data
  • Automated online transactions – SAP tasks are mainly background jobs, but sometimes require user input. Workload Automation for SAP ‘fills in’ the field of an online transaction, simulating user input
  • SAP event Integration - Monitor SAP events and integrate timely synchronizations into Workload Automation for SAP workflows

The benefits of Automic Workload Automation for SAP:

  • Eliminates 90% of process errors and increases SAP performance
  • Provides 100% control over enterprise processes and SAP workflow
  • Removes 100% of coordination failures for SAP acceleration
  • Reduces manual effort by up to 90%


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