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    Workload Automation for Temenos Banking and Finance

    Are your Temenos systems are poorly integrated with the wider business? Are you struggling to leverage their full potential? A holistic automation policy might just be the solution.

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    CA Automic Workload Automation for Temenos Banking and Finance Software

    Too often organizations are not harnessing the true power of their Temenos systems for banking and finance. So how can you gain visibility and control of Temenos and its integration with the wider business?

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    Automatically protect SAP user experience - Demo

    Don’t let high demand bog you down: CA-APM and Automic allows you to run more processes concurrently and scale up resources when performance issues are detected.

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    Watch Our Webcast: Deliver Flawless SAP UX with Automic

    Don’t let your SAP UX slow you down. Together, Automic and CA Application Performance Management can eliminate the ripples of inefficiency caused by poor SAP UX.

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    SAIF needed a unified tool that would automate its workers’ compensation system and be able to run across all of its disparate operating systems and multiple databases. Discover why SAIF chose CA Automic Workload Automation

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    Electricity Supply Board (ESB)

    Learn how ESB chose SAP in replacement of their legacy system and Automic to automate the schedluing of batch processes and SAP processing management

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    Keep Control of Enterprise Processes Running Across SAP and Non-SAP Systems

    Against a backdrop of evolving complex technology, are your SAP and Non-SAP systems lacking integration? Unchecked, this disconnect can become unmanageable, so take back control with automation.

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    What Does the Future Hold for Automation?

    John Purrier, Automic CTO, explores the challenges when complexity breeds complexity, proposing that applying artificial intelligence to automation will make it possible to simplify and harness evolving IT tools and processes.

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    Continuous Delivery for SAP

    Speed and agility is now so integral to any business, why would you let crucial SAP systems sit outside your continuous delivery pipeline?

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    EMA Research - Workload Automation: The Business Process Integration Hub Supporting Digital Transformation

    Dramatic advances in the technical landscape mean you require a workload automation that can keep up. So, what does this mean for your current solution? And what does it need to achieve both today and in the future?

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    University of Florida

    Fast, efficient and reliable IT is a must for top US universities. The University of Florida enhanced their PeopleSoft system, by implementing a scalable solution which reduced costs and enhanced the user experience.

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    Automic for PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne

    Is your PeopleSoft system overly complex and holding your organization back? Simplify and realize its full potential with automation.