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    451 Research Charts Automic’s Journey to Full Service Orchestration

    A host of new features in its v12 release means Automic has evolved past its workload and release automation products

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    Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter Explains Digital Transformation Services We Offer Around Automation

    Learn how we offer consulting, training and education to ensure you get the most from your investment in our products

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    Webcast: Empower your business with the orchestration of your existing IT tools

    Untangle your complex IT landscape and gain enterprise-wide control for true business agility.

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    Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter Explains How Important Agility is to Digital Transformation

    Learn how a successful digital transformation results in the agility to cope with an ever-changing digital future

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    Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter Explains How We Empower Digital Transformation

    Learn how we enable our customers to embrace new tech and offer innovative 24/7 services in today’s digital world.

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    Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter Explains How We Define Digital Transformation

    How digital transformation for us means enabling enterprises to embrace new tech and offer innovative digital services.

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    Automic World 2016 Orlando - A Unique Event for the Automation Industry Automic Software

    Automic CMO Chris Boorman tells you why Automic World gives you insight into the world of automation that you simply can't find elsewhere.

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    IT Operations: What’s Over the Horizon in 2018?

    What do you think IT Operations will look like in 2018? Compare your predictions to ours in this over-the-horizon eBook

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    Introducing the most advanced Automation for Business Agility

    How to support your company’s digital transformation by making IT Operations fully agile

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    Your Path to digital Transformation v12

    The world is changing. Become fast, agile, compliant and scalable with business automation.

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    Automic v12 Announcement

    Chris Boorman, Automic's CMO gives a high level overview of Automic’s v12 release; see how you can drive agility and empower DevOps using the latest automation software.

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    Continuous Operations v12

    See how Automic Workload Automation v12 could benefit your organization, as we look at how to define end-to-end workflows within the Automic Web Interface.