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    Give Your Business and IT Customers the Service They Demand

    How fast can your service desk respond? Are they delivering at the speed the business requires? Watch this webinar to discover how you can overcome the barriers to efficient service delivery!

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    ING Bank - Disaster Recovery

    How did ING reduce disaster recovery time by a factor of four, while increasing staff productivity and operational efficiencies?

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    Automated Test Data Provisioning and Masking - Demo

    Bypass the QA bottleneck. By automating your test data provisioning and masking, you can sustain the pace of change demanded by today’s application economy.

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    Automated Test Data Cloning and Generation - Demo

    Cover all bases. Get the right test data, to the right environment, at the right time. Automatically.

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    Webcast: Achieving Business Agility in an ERP-Driven World

    How are you overcoming the software testing bottleneck? For SAP users, it can be one of the most frustrating hold-ups you’ll face, so in this webinar, we look at how to bring speed and agility to your core business applications.

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    Watch Our Webcast: Test Data Automation with Automic

    Break the bottleneck created by QA with Automic and CA Test Data Manager. Watch this webcast and learn how implementing test data automation can enable you to sustain the pace of change.

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    Watch Our Webcast: It’s All About the App

    Deliver first-class application performance or lose business – it’s that simple. Join us as we discuss how ASO and CA Application Performance Management enable you to do just that.

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    Achieving Business Agility in an ERP-Driven World

    Are your traditional ERPs and core business applications struggling to keep up with new digital technology?

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    What Does the Future Hold for Automation?

    John Purrier, Automic CTO, explores the challenges when complexity breeds complexity, proposing that applying artificial intelligence to automation will make it possible to simplify and harness evolving IT tools and processes.

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    Improve SAP Test Data Quality and Agility with Automic and Delphix

    Is poor SAP data quality holding you back? If so, how do you improve it without a slow and cumbersome system refresh? Automic have partnered with Delphix to provide a solution for you.

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    451 Research Charts Automic’s Journey to Full Service Orchestration

    Automic v12 brings a whole host of new features, helping it evolve beyond the realms of workload and release automation products.

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    Webcast: Tune your SAP for the Digital Age

    Watch this webcast for insight on how your business could benefit from optimizing SAP system processing and integrating SAP systems with non-SAP systems.