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    Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter Explains How We Define Digital Transformation

    How digital transformation for us means enabling enterprises to embrace new tech and offer innovative digital services.

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    Automic World 2016 Orlando - A Unique Event for the Automation Industry Automic Software

    Automic CMO Chris Boorman tells you why Automic World gives you insight into the world of automation that you simply can't find elsewhere.

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    IDC Technology Spotlight: Digital Business Transformation depends on Automation

    Do you know just how vital automation is to your digital transformation is? Find out how to sew your tech together.

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    Quocirca: Automating the Digital Transformation Journey

    Moving to an optimized, highly available IT environment will ensure the success of your digital transformation initiatives.

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    Introducing the most advanced Automation for Business Agility

    How to support your company’s digital transformation by making IT Operations fully agile

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    (AWA) Certification Path For v12 and above

    Want to be an AWA master? Understand the steps that you can take to achieve this goal.

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    Your Path to digital Transformation v12

    The world is changing. Become fast, agile, compliant and scalable with business automation.

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    Automic v12 Announcement

    Chris Boorman, Automic's CMO gives a high level overview of Automic’s v12 release; see how you can drive agility and empower DevOps using the latest automation software.

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    How Automic supports digital transformation

    Automic executives explain how their company can help enterprises gain business agility while dealing with constant disruption.

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    System Copy for SAP

    Join us, when Wolfgang Weitzel, Senior Consultant at Automic , discusses Automic’s solution for SAP Automated System Copy with data masking and slicing.

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    Automated System Copy for SAP: An Introduction

    Watch Nils Engelbert, Chief Automation Architect at Automic, as he discusses how your System Copy for SAP pains can be relieved through automation

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    Work Out How Much you could Save on SAP System Copies

    Discover just how much automating your SAP system copy process could save your company on an annual basis in just a few clicks.