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    Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter Explains Digital Transformation Services We Offer Around Automation

    Learn how we offer consulting, training and education to ensure you get the most from your investment in our products

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    Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter Explains How Important Agility is to Digital Transformation

    Learn how a successful digital transformation results in the agility to cope with an ever-changing digital future

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    Webcast: Fulfilling the Promise of DevOps

    In this webcast, we review technological trends to see if we can gain insight into where application delivery will be in the next ten years.

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    Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter Explains How We Empower Digital Transformation

    Learn how we enable our customers to embrace new tech and offer innovative 24/7 services in today’s digital world.

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    Automic CEO Todd DeLaughter Explains How We Define Digital Transformation

    How digital transformation for us means enabling enterprises to embrace new tech and offer innovative digital services.

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    Automic World 2016 Orlando - A Unique Event for the Automation Industry Automic Software

    Automic CMO Chris Boorman tells you why Automic World gives you insight into the world of automation that you simply can't find elsewhere.

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    Building a DevOps Business Case

    This is the fifth webinar in our webinar series. In this webinar Michael Schmidt will introduce you to a business case model for agile and DevOps.

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    Do you want to see how an innovator of online travel booking reduced its release time by over 70%?

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    (AWA) Certification Path For v12 and above

    Want to be an AWA master? Understand the steps that you can take to achieve this goal.

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    Your Path to digital Transformation v12

    The world is changing. Become fast, agile, compliant and scalable with business automation.

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    Automic Release Automation Overview (ARA what is new)

    How will you ensure you business stays ahead of the competition? A look at how Automic v12 can ensure speed and agility within your release and deployment cycles, without compromising quality.

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    Webcast: 2016 State of DevOps Report

    Join Nicole Forsgren as she presents her findings from her 2016 State of DevOps Report which takes a closer look at security and compliance and their roles in DevOps.