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    Jenkins Plugin

    Jenkins is often the go-to tool for continuous integration, and its functionality can be extended further using the right tools. With the Automic plugin, you can fully incorporate Jenkins and all its components into a continuous delivery pipeline.

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    Puppet Action Pack

    Is Puppet an efficient part of your continuous delivery pipeline? Or are you failing to capitalize on the agility it can bring? Use the Automic action pack to seamlessly integrate it with your DevOps toolchain and maximize benefits.

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    Jira Plugin

    JIRA is a powerful tool, so why not integrate it into a fully automated deployment pipeline? Connect with the Automic JIRA plugin to get complete visibility and execute tasks from within the JIRA interface.

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    ChatOps – Enabling Business Agility

    Is distraction causing disruption and preventing your team from collaborating at speed? That’s why the Automic community have developed a new Chat Bot, ensuring you can work faster without sacrificing communication.

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    Continuous Delivery for Databases

    Learn how an exciting new integration helps you automatically deploy architectural changes to the database layer through the continuous delivery pipeline.

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    The Future of Enterprise DevOps: What You Need to Know

    Where did DevOps come from and where is it heading? Are you on the same path? Automic industry experts offer insight into its future and continuing role in shaping the IT world.

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    Gene Kim: Top Lessons Learned While Researching and Writing “The DevOps Handbook”

    Automic’s Scott Willson is joined DevOps Legend Gene Kim, who explains what DevOps is today and what that means for enterprises like yours

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    Scott Willson - Continuous Delivery for the Mainframe and the Role Application Release Automation Can Play

    Mainframes aren’t going anywhere any time soon, so how do you make them part of your digital transformation? Scott Willson explores how ARA can modernize legacy systems.

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    Scott Willson - Top Five Best Practices for Application Release Automation

    Are you getting the most out of your ARA solution? ARA Evangelist, Scott Willson, gives you his top five best practices.

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    Scott WiIlson - ARA at Enterprise Scale

    You probably have a vision of what your enterprise scale Continuous Delivery will look like. But how will you get there?

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    Scott Willson - Docker with ARA

    Docker is taking the IT world by storm; are you prepared? Because without orchestration and automation, Docker containers will get left in a silo.

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    Continuous Delivery for Siebel Demo – Provisioning

    A walkthrough of how Automic Release Automation automatically provisions a complete Siebel system with zero touch from scratch.