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    Give Your Business and IT Customers the Service They Demand

    How fast can your service desk respond? Are they delivering at the speed the business requires? Watch this webinar to discover how you can overcome the barriers to efficient service delivery!

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    Workload Automation for Temenos Banking and Finance

    Are your Temenos systems are poorly integrated with the wider business? Are you struggling to leverage their full potential? A holistic automation policy might just be the solution.

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    CA Automic Workload Automation for Temenos Banking and Finance Software

    Too often organizations are not harnessing the true power of their Temenos systems for banking and finance. So how can you gain visibility and control of Temenos and its integration with the wider business?

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    CA Automic are a Leader in the Latest Gartner ARA Magic Quadrant

    Why do the experts put CA Automic Release Automation at the forefront of DevOps?

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    Intelligent Workload Automation for the Modern Digital Enterprise

    How does intelligent automation enable the agility your enterprise requires to thrive in the modern environment?

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    Continuous Delivery on the Mainframe

    Why do many people still view the mainframe as a remote island within their tech stack, which is beyond CD practices?

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    Continuous Delivery for Siebel – Bringing Agility to Mode 1 Systems and Apps

    Is developing for your Siebel solution slowing you down? Are you struggling to bring agility to a system built in the 1990s? We can help.

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    Thomas Pink

    Why was CA Automic Workload Automation the perfect fit for a modern retailer?

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    ING Bank - Disaster Recovery

    How did ING reduce disaster recovery time by a factor of four, while increasing staff productivity and operational efficiencies?

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    DevOps, Continuous Delivery, and “Institutionalized Change": Why IT Automation Drives the Digital Business

    How close are you to continuous delivery? EMA explores how evolving technology is creating new challenges, and how they can be overcome.

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    Watch our Webcast: Automating Oracle Financial Close

    Why lose days to month-end processes when automation can complete them in mere hours?

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    On-Demand Webcast: The Benefits of Bringing Automation to JD Edwards

    Is the quality of your JD Edwards systems inconsistent? Do you struggle to meet deadlines? Or deliver deliver business value? Automic can help.