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Doesn’t your most critical system deserve the most advanced automation solution?

As a retailer your point of sales (POS) is your most critical system. It is the point of service for customers and in effect where your business takes place. The role of POS systems today has advanced to handle your inventory, stock, vendor record, membership and recording modules. Many also handle purchase ordering, stock transferal, quotation and barcode issuing and even accounting services.

Therefore, the ability to update thousands of POS end-points as fast as possible is critical as it affects the most important elements of your business such as stock levels, customer satisfaction, compliance and profitability. In short, it determines your business agility.

As POS systems advance in functionality (mobile end-points, built in scanner capabilities etc.) more updates and maintenance is also required, updates that can vary from new pricing data to software upgrade to the POS itself updating it to the latest release. With many organizations managing thousands and even tens of thousands points of sale end-point devices and local servers, the need for governed and orchestrated management of these updates is essential for the security and performance of your organization.

This is where Release Automation can help, Release Automation lets you assemble “pipelines” to deliver all your updates to all of your endpoints from a central application that gives you complete control, visibility and compliance assurance for the entire process – everyday across all of your organization.

CA Automic Release Automation for POS systems is the industry’s most reliable, scalable and enterprise-ready release automation solution. And we're proven.

No other solution on the market can match these features:

  • Integration capabilities
  • High availability as standard
  • in-built multi tenancy capabilities
  • Compliance auditing
  • Extensive OS support including a wide range of POS controllers.

One of the biggest retailers in the USA chose CA Technologies after 29 months of competition against seven other vendors. We were the only one who could show a working demo in the proof of concept stage, showing the ability to deploy code to the company’s Toshiba 4690 controllers, the HP Itanium platform and more. The company also praised us for the attributes listed above.

Benefits of the CA Automic solution:

  • Increase revenue and profitability via inventory turns (right product, right place and time)
  • Increase speed and agility across all of your stores and retail locations
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing better services faster
  • Significantly reduce risk by eliminating unneeded manual steps in the release and update process

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