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Innovative content for the IT Operations Management community

A seismic shift is occurring in IT Operations Management. Yesterday IT Operations was a cost center—today it is a business. Where previously the strategy was all about managing technology components, now it is about managing service levels and performance. Plan, build and run has been replaced by source, integrate and manage. And reactiveness has been overtaken by proactiveness and innovation.

This transformation creates a new thirst for knowledge sharing and collaborative practices across culturally siloed organizations.

The Automic Institute’s mission is to deliver that insight: providing the IT operations community with compelling, innovative content based on knowledge sharing.

Automic Institute publications

  • The articles and columns published by the Institute focus on relevant topics driving today’s digital transformation including Cloud computing, Virtualization, Lean IT and waste or the DevOps methodology. These articles are available on the Automic blog as well as the international IT press.
  • The Institute’s white papers cover topics on innovation and carry strong convictions on IT Operations Management—from enabling innovation to agile IT operations. These documents also illustrate the work of Automic Communities, a group of IT managers that has joined forces to identify the vision, innovations and ideas that will shape tomorrow’s IT Operations management.


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