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We ensure a seamless change

Switching to the Automic Automation Platform was an inspired choice. With our pre-configured migration packages, we can bring your new system into production quickly and seamlessly. Our individual product-related migration routines mean a large portion of jobs and tasks can be migrated automatically – the rest is adapted by our specialists in close collaboration with your employees. That’s how we have completed more than 150 migration projects already, comprising more than two million jobs.

We offer migration tools for:

  • BMC – Control-M
  • IBM – TWS, OPC
  • ORSYP – $Universe
  • Redwood – Cronacle, CPS
  • Honico – Batchman
  • APM – APX
  • ASG – ZEKE
  • Blohm – Batch Control
  • Cisco – Tidal
  • Software AG – Entire Operations

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