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Deliver Continuous Operations with your business application processing using Automic Workload Automation

Workload automation is more complex than ever. You need to orchestrate a complex, diverse landscape of applications, platforms and technologies. Islands of automation are a barrier to scaling and standardizing your workload activities. Processing errors are common because of manual handoffs. And the lack of an end-to-end view of the business process make inefficiencies and problems difficult to resolve. In addition to this you are operating 24x7 and cannot find maintenance windows to upgrade your infrastructure in order to innovate, agility simply isn’t possible.


Recently 84.51° embarked on an incredible journey with Automic. By partnering with the Automic team, we were able to successfully and completely replace our previous workload automation tool with Automic Workload Automation in less than 90 days! Due to the success of that project, we subsequently ran a successful POC of Automic Release Automation and are in the process of implementing that at this time. This gives us the speed and agility we need to get new application updates and services to our clients,” said Jeff Schmidt, Senior Automation Engineer, 84.51°. “Automic v12 will allow us to go further in empowering our business users with a new unified user interface through which they can visually track their solutions each step of the way.

Automic Workload Automation gives you the agility, speed, visibility and scalability needed to respond to the constantly changing technology landscape. This next-generation enterprise automation product centrally manages the execution of all your business processes across mainframe, cloud or hybrid environments in a way it never stops – even when doing an upgrade to the next version.


  • Scalable, clustered architecture ensures reliability and unlimited capacity
  • Provides continuous operations, with Zero Downtime which is a smart and centralized upgrade to remove maintenance and downtime windows for server and agents
  • Out-of-the-box multi-tenancy enables you to easily expand a system with additional dev/test system or create a new instance
  • Support for mainframe, distributed, virtual and cloud environments
  • Broadest suite of certified application integrations and workflow templates
  • Unified interface that can be customized for monitoring, administration, development and self-service
  • Dashboard, filtered view of all workflow activities, for highly granular monitoring
  • Integrated file transfer ensures timely, accurate and secure information transfer
  • Forecasting capabilities based on historical data or hypothetical scenarios
  • Comprehensive auditing of all automated processing and user activity
  • Unified reporting and analytics for better insight view
  • Unified SLA management to give a clear understanding of SLA`s met

The benefits of Automic Workload Automation on-premises, hybrid or in the cloud

  • End-to-end workflow visibility and control across platforms, technologies, applications and existing automation tools
  • Eliminate up to 90% of manual errors
  • Increase workload processing efficiency
  • Enable more users to create workflows by eliminating scripting and decreasing the specific knowledge required to automate applications
  • Ensure compliance with a centralized audit trail of your processes, errors and remediation