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Service Orchestration connects your islands of automation for self-services with a unified interface, unified reporting and unified analytics

Automic Continuous Service helps cover your needs for delivering simple or complex IT services requested by your users, via a self-service portal or any other trigger.

Today’s reality in IT paints a different picture. Widespread complexity tackled with no reliability, no scalability and no visibility means no time to value.

Continuous Service from Automic enables you to evolve existing data center assets and helps you to integrate your hybrid and cloud initiatives without ripping and replacing existing IT investments and skills.

You can define services, assemble workflows to provision, change and remediate instances of the service, execute these automated actions on demand and access information on service instances.

Extensive flexibility and control of the automation enables adaptation to individual enterprise requirements including embedding into existing processes. At the push of a button, users reliably get the services they request. Continuous Service from Automic, part of the Automic Service Orchestration product, helps you thrive in the real world of IT. 

How Automic can help additionally:

  • Automated Self-Service deployments giving users access to IT Operation processes
  • Self-service of everything, from backup through to provisioning of infrastructures
  • Decouple service definitions from underlying architecture to easily define and modify many service variants in each offer
  • Application-ready infrastructures delivered faster
  • Zero downtime upgrading procedure to run your orchestration procedures 24/7 without service windows


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