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As a user of Ellucian’s Banner or Fiserv DNA, you’re looking at ways to reduce costs, increase productivity and lower risk. Right now, your team is buried in manual tasks associated with job submissions, managing repetitive business processes and struggling to prioritize ad hoc user requests. All of this can easily lead to data entry errors and subsequent processing delays in both environments.

CA Automic Applications Manager automates your Ellucian’s Banner or Fiserv DNA processing. This innovative, best-in-class task scheduling solution accelerates your processing, provides visibility and control over business processes and mitigates risk in both environments.

  • Simplify complex IT infrastructures
  • Provide visibility, management and control of business processes
  • Mitigate risk by controlling your most mission-critical business processes
  • Enable the business to respond dynamically to market change


Automic Software
Automic Software

CA Automic transforms Banner Financial Aid

How would you like to cut letter generation time from 4.5 hours per week in financial aid, to 45 minutes per week? Or reduce AR daily closing from 12 to 2.5 hours per week. Discover the Banner ROI you can achieve with CA Automic.

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Accelerate your Ellucian’s Banner or Fiserv DNA processing.

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