Application Release Automation


DevOps is now mainstream, with digital front-end apps catching the eye and capturing the imagination. Cloud-based software vendors are taking advantage of this by telling enterprise IT to rip and replace its back-end systems and re-design them in the cloud.

CA Automic Release Automation automates the modern software factory through integration, automation and orchestration of the entire DevOps toolchain. CA empowers Operations to be more agile, QA to be more streamlined, and Development to be more compliant. Front-end apps can be built quickly with DevOps approaches that access an agile back-end. Finally the backend can keep up and enterprise IT can perform like a modern software factory.

Continuous Delivery Blueprint

Assisting enterprises at any stage of their DevOps journey.

What's new with v12

Environment blueprint provisioning, automated deployment pipelines and Continuous Delivery.


Blueprint for Continuous Delivery


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