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Application Release Automation

DevOps is now mainstream, with digital front-end apps catching the eye and capturing the imagination. Cloud-based software vendors are taking advantage of this by telling enterprise IT to rip and replace its back-end systems and re-design them in the cloud.

Automic Release Automation provides a cost-effective alternative, weaving agility to your existing, tried-and-tested systems. Operations can be agile and Automic is the perfect complement to #DevOps. Front-end apps can be built quickly with DevOps approaches that access an agile back-end. Finally the backend can keep up and enterprise IT can be fully agile.


Continuous Delivery Blueprint


  • World’s most scalable release automation solution
  • Multi-tenant to fit the largest enterprises
  • Digitally transforming your entire organization

What´s new with v12


  • Environment blueprint provisioning
  • Automated deployment pipelines
  • Continuous Delivery


Our customers that benefit from Continuous Delivery

How do we do it?

Automic Release Automation automates application deployments through your environments. Designed to facilitate rapid feedback and continuous delivery in agile development while providing the security, audit trails, versioning and approvals needed in production.

Common Use Cases:

  • Integration with build systems and continuous deployment
  • Orchestration of automated testing
  • Environment management and automated version promotions
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Automic Release Automation (ARA) v12 is all about simplifying the steps necessary to utilize and maintain the solution to enhance the value proposition of the automation platform as a whole. The intelligent “Zero Downtime” deployment and update capabilities are not simply about updating Automic agents with no downtime. They are also about removing infrastructure maintenance bottlenecks with intelligent software that can determine, for example, which agents are best updated at which time. With an enhanced REST API, customers can leverage ChatOps to use their favorite chat client to interact directly with the ARA platform while processes are in-flight, without going through a dashboard. Both of these new features are impressive differentiators which both current customers and prospects will likely appreciate.

Watch Key Feature Demos

Protect your Deployment

Pipeline with Approval Gates

Create and Manage

Create and Manage the deployment pipeline

Manage your Deployment

Targets with Automic Workflow Designer

Using Rollback

Using Rollback in Deployment

Manage Environments

Manage Your Environments and Targets

Automic Release Automation - Automated Deployment Pipeline Demo

We walk you through including Automic Release Automation into your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices.

v12 Action Builder - Part 1: CLI

We walk you through the process of creating an action pack from any existing scripts or command line interfaces you use.

v12 Action Builder - Part 2: REST

We walk you through the process of creating an action pack from any RESTfull service available.

v12 Action Builder - Part 3: Composite

We walk you through the process of creating single actions from existing composite workflows within Release Automation.

Automic Release Automation- Plugin Manager

The Plugin Manager provides an easy way to deploy and manage plugins such as action packs directly from Automic’s web interface.

Automic Release Automation - Orchestrate the tool chain with AWS

An AWS full-stack delivery demonstration of Automic Release Automation and Automic’s ServiceNow connector. We provision, configure and deploy an application on AWS.

Automic Release Automation - Deployment Pipeline Visualisation

We take a look at Automic Release Automation’s deployment pipeline visualisation capabilities. This view answers the question of, “What do I have deployed where?”.

Automic Release Automation - Orchestrate the tool chain with Azure

We walk through a full-stack delivery – provisioning, configuring and deploying – on the Azure cloud.


Automic solutions go beyond the coverage of DevOps release management by enabling agility of both the core business applications, that are pervasive across all enterprises, as well as new digital business apps. With Automic v12, users benefit from using a common UI, a common set of integrations, as well as the underlying platform to achieve comprehensive automation into the IT operations space,” said Michael Azoff, principal analyst at Ovum. “Automic v12 has a great deal to offer organizations where DevOps is being used to refresh an agile transformation that has gone stale, or environments with a hybrid development process that is mainly traditional. The powerful unified analytics and intelligent automation capabilities delivered with this new release presents strong opportunities for Automic and its clients.

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