CA Automic Sysload

IT performance and capacity management

Traditional IT operations software struggles to manage today’s IT environments, which are increasingly hybrid and heterogeneous, with high volume processing requirements. Multiple tools are used to monitor the IT infrastructure and apps, but they fail to provide the big picture visibility you need to respond to business demands.

CA Automic Sysload analyzes and optimizes the performance of the IT systems that support your business – whether they execute on-premise, are virtualized, or reside in the cloud. By integrating detailed performance metrics with real-time service level monitoring, Sysload ensures your business systems consistently deliver the responsiveness and availability your users rely on. Predictive capacity management enables optimal utilization of your current IT resources and anticipate future computing power needs. Sysload brings 360° visibility to IT performance and capacity management.



  • Hypervisor support – gather dedicated metrics for IBM POWER LPAR, WPAR and VIOS as well as Hyper-V and vSphere hypervisors.
  • Application views – analyze individual processes or groups of processes, by workload characteristics when investigating failed or runaway processes.
  • Metric editor – easily creates customized metrics by linking metric definitions and user/Nagios scripts within a graphical editor.
  • Record and replay – store historic performance data using Sysload distributed architecture for replaying application activity when troubleshooting issues.
  • Capacity planning – anticipate future resource requirements with comprehensive forecasting functions including projections and baselines.
  • Simulation – model virtual, physical or application workload placement on existing infrastructure to determine the impact of long-term changes


  • Minimize downtime
  • Resolve issues before they impact business activities
  • Save hundreds of man hours troubleshooting problems
  • Provide clear facts and figures to key stakeholders
  • Reduce operating and capital expenditure costs


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