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Private and public cloud automation

The cloud changes everything. Your customers now expect the same levels of service in their business lives that they can get in their personal lives. They expect to be able to go online, request a new application or compute resource, and receive it in a matter of minutes, not days or weeks. If IT cannot deliver this level of services, business are increasingly looking for alternatives that can deliver more quickly.

CA Automic provides the agility your business needs, by automating the delivery of personalized IT services. It provides a single solution for private cloud release automation, and support for various release automation tools, abstracted from diverse infrastructure services.

Through a self-service catalog, users request and manage a wide range of multi-vendor, multi-cloud applications, infrastructure and custom services. Policy-based governance assures that users receive the right size resources for the task that needs to be performed across the service lifecycle. A flexible automation approach provides agility in deploying new IT services while leveraging existing investments by mapping into the current infrastructure, processes and environments.

Automating the delivery of private and public cloud-based services with the CA Automic products (CA AWA, CA ARA, CA ASO) and enable the agility your business needs with the control IT requires:

  • Comprehensive functionality - a purpose-built, proven solution for the delivery and management of and hybrid cloud services, based on a broad range of deployment use cases from the world’s most demanding environments
  • Personalized, business-aware governance - enables IT administrators to apply their own way of doing business to the private cloud without changing organizational processes or policies. Business units can have different service levels, policies and automation processes depending on their needs
  • Provision and manage application services - accelerates application deployment by streamlining the deployment process and by eliminating duplication of work
  • Infrastructure delivery and lifecycle management - automates the end-to-end deployment of multi-vendor infrastructure, breaking down internal organizational silos that slow down IT service delivery
  • Extensible by design - provides a full spectrum of extensibility options that empower IT personnel to enable, adapt and extend their cloud to work within their existing IT infrastructure and processes, thereby eliminating expensive service engagements while reducing risk

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