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Oracle PeopleSoft applications perform a broad range of critical business processes, from human resources and finance to supply-chain planning and e-business. Users rely on PeopleSoft's Process Scheduler for business process automation to manage batch processing for these important applications.

Oracle provides the Process Scheduler to execute processing in PeopleSoft. Today, PeopleSoft never exists in isolation. There are a number of applications that provide information for processing, then further applications that take PeopleSoft information for later processing. Treating execution in solos for each technology slows the delivery of results to the business, increases costs associated with processing and reduces the overall quality of service.

CA has extended its workload automation product to PeopleSoft environments with a strong integration to the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler. This enhances the Oracle scheduler and provides true event-based workload automation: the ability to combine processing before, through and beyond PeopleSoft with a single point of control for all managed workloads.

How to Optimize Oracle PeopleSoft Processing

CA Automic Workload Automation is tightly integrated to the Oracle Process Scheduler. It enables you to optimize Oracle system processing and integrate Oracle systems with other corporate IT systems, thus connecting the business processes they support.  

It has saved companies thousands of hours of man-time by eliminating the need for manual job submission, allowed entire business process flows across multiple Process Schedulers and the wider corporate applications to deliver results earlier, and enables companies to move to proactive management for batch processing which frees staff to innovate further for the business. 

CA Automic Oracle PeopleSoft automation gives you the flexibility to:

  • Eliminate the need for additional automated managed file transfer tools used to integrate PeopleSoft processing
  • Manage jobs submitted directly into PeopleSoft, providing centralized monitoring and control
  • Automatically track PeopleSoft child job processing to determine true business outcome
  • Define business rules on the output of PeopleSoft programs to determine business outcome or direct alerts to users
  • Manage end-to-end business processes from a single pane of glass and enable complex dependencies within process flows

Solution Benefits

  • Right first time – increase quality of results to the business
  • Eliminate need for manual submission of process scheduler jobs
  • Increase throughput of process scheduler(s) and enable execution priority 
  • Assure SLAs and resolve issues faster with end-to-end process visibility
  • Free up resources to optimize processes and innovate
  • Immediate notifications to report failures
  • Ensure compliance and reduce audit report creation time