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Oracle Financial Close Automation

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Automate the Oracle financial close process to close your books on time - every time

How fast, automated and reliable is your Oracle financial close process? Is dirty data contaminating your Oracle financials? Subsidiary closing often late or incomplete? Is consolidation too slow, or do your departmental managers frequently point out errors in reports caused by your Oracle financial implementation process?

It’s hard to escape these challenges. The financial period close process is a vital, non-negotiable business process, but completing that close process is tough. It usually involves a great many manual steps, owing to the multiple dependencies between processes.

It’s time for action.

The Automic Oracle Financial Close solution eliminates all manual input required by the Oracle financial period close process. By automating Oracle financial close functions that typically require manual input such as non-SRS processes and parameter entry, then creating dependencies between ledgers, Automic increases the efficiency of the financial period close process. The result is much shorter period-end closings.

Automic provides IT with the agility to automate financial close and its unified interface allowing the automation technology to be shared with the casual users of Finance IT systems. These shared endeavors remove days from the closing cycle every month.

This results in more time for analysis, faster feedback to the board and less risk of a poor audit statement. Moreover, accelerated financial close enhances your interim financial reporting and shifts your business from historical performance reporting to timely analysis that anticipates future trends.

Automic also provides full documentation of process flows and procedures, assures compliance with government and corporate regulations and enables you to deliver close reports on time, every time.

Benefits of using Automic for Oracle financial close include:

  • Seamless automation – automates manual and concurrent Oracle Financial Close steps, creating a seamless, end-to-end process.
  • Better use of resources – maximizes productivity of your resources, eliminating low-value, error-prone tasks.
  • Shared web interface designed to allow finance and Enterprise IT to build a better close, providing consistency and agility to financial close.
  • Run frequent preliminary closes – run your preliminary close process as often as necessary, since little or no manual intervention is needed.
  • Less customization – custom business rules are stored outside your Oracle E-Business Suite, so the rules are not affected by changes in the Oracle environment.
  • Complete reporting – Automic makes documentation an integral part of the development process, including the graphic display of defined processes.

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