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Oracle Automation Overview

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Oracle Automation and Automic

Oracle technologies are on the front-line of change. Fast, fluid change sweeping through business and driven by digital transformation, the cloud, mobility, and the Internet of Things. Your Oracle environment—from Oracle E-Business Suite, to Oracle Retail, and JD Edwards—needs to adapt to dynamic business models and capitalize on new opportunities aimed at facilitating growth, agility and maintaining compliance.

For your Oracle environment to thrive in this digital era, it needs to be extended beyond the line of business silo into the cloud. New functionality must satisfy customer demand quickly without impacting everyday operations. And Oracle data needs to be connected to data warehouse and Big Data initiatives to facilitate timely analysis and reporting.

Point automation tools or scripts have delivered some benefit but lack the end-to-end process automation, release automation, extensibility or auditing capabilities required for the future.

Run, build, and transform your Oracle environments

For more than 30 years, Automic has been helping Oracle customers worldwide to run, build, and transform their businesses for the digital age. By adopting Automic’s systematic Oracle automation platform, enterprises benefit from unrivalled business agility, lower costs, and improved compliance.

Automic Workload Automation executes core business, application and infrastructure processes across Oracle on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. It delivers a unified, flexible approach to automation that can be adopted incrementally, providing end-to-end visibility across the entire business.

This enables organizations to apply modern automation policies to their workload, regardless of application or technology. The result? Resources are released from manual business processing, processing errors are largely eliminated and issues resolved faster for enhanced compliance.


  • Improve service delivery by eliminating latency
  • Increase Oracle processing visibility and control from a single, unified console
  • Eliminate errors by extending checks to every stage of the business process
  • Reduce cost of operation by shortening mean time to repair
  • Innovate more: free staff from mundane tasks to concentrate on ideas

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