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Today we are living in the application economy era, where every business is now a software business. While this is exciting, it also presents an array of unprecedented challenges.

Not only must the business be able to build and release software quickly, but they must be able to do it more frequently - and with no delays or disruptions. Ultimately, modern businesses need to streamline traditional methods of delivery and navigate bottlenecks, while also finding ways around the inefficient use of resources.

Successful companies need to focus on four key areas when looking at how they build and deploy new business applications:

  • Agility – providing faster times to market
  • Automation – delivering greater velocity with reliable quality
  • Insight – ensuring constant improvement through insights gathered from data
  • Security – guaranteeing safe, frictionless access

The end goal is to eliminate the barriers between ideas and outcomes. This is where the Modern Software Factory comes into play. It should be designed to adapt to both market disruption and customer demand. It is where your company needs to be. CA Technologies can help you get there.

With agility at its heart, the Modern Software Factory brings continuous delivery, security and performance to all areas of your organization. CA Technologies underpins this with an automation platform designed to increase speed, drive agility, improve quality – while saving costs. It will enable you to deliver the experience both your business and customers desire.

At CA we have the solutions that will help you stay competitive and at the forefront of innovation, from mobile devices to the mainframe. While everyone’s journey is different – affected by starting point, objectives, resources and priorities – the modern company needs to be fearless. They need to understand that current structures and ecosystems are vulnerable to better ideas. They need to be built to change.

The combination of agility, continuous delivery, security and high performance is the essence of the Modern Software Factory. CA provides these building blocks, and automation is the backbone helping you easily track, orchestrate and accelerate the entire delivery process – from planning and requirements to development, testing and release.


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