Complete your financial close in half the time with half the effort.

We feel your pain.  With Automic, you will have complete control of your finance systems – ensuring accurate and consistent results on time, every time. 

Make your month-end close process more efficient and create time for deeper analysis prior to publication.

Your finance department is responsible for managing the company’s financial risks, financial planning and financial reporting. But is it in complete control?

Does month or quarter end go smoothly every period? Do you have enough time to analyze in detail and provide forward looking guidance before publication? Can you see at a glance the state of your financial feed and processes?

The Automic Finance Automation solution puts you in complete control of your finance systems – ensuring accurate and consistent results on time, every time. The solution speeds the delivery of consolidated accounts to enable deeper financial analysis prior to publication, significantly reduces the accounting resources to produce and reduces the overall stress on your finance department.

Look at what Automic Finance Automation can do for you

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Demo: Automating Financial Close

Automating The Financial Close Process

Adding automation into your existing financial close process provides accurate and auditable results; and frees up your resources to do more business critical analysis. See how eliminating manual steps will reduce your financial close process from weeks to hours.
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The Benefits of Automation

Accounting Close

  • Shrinks the financial close process, ensuring faster feedback to your Board and to analysts
  • Automates manual finance processes, enhancing accuracy from Q1 to Q4 and enabling faster year-end closure
  • Reduces the risk of poor closing processes; improves accuracy, timeliness and compliance
  • Releases accounting staff from problem detection duties, accelerating productivity
  • Frees up more time for deeper financial analysis and decision making
  • Visibility of the process end-to-end ensures more accurate audit statements
One automation

Financial process automation

  • Automates manual accounting processes, lowering the cost of operation and reducing errors
  • Scales execution volumes, accelerating the accounting processing
  • Ensures visibility of the end-to-end process
  • Automates error detection and alerting, increasing accuracy and compliance
One automation

Financial consolidation, planning and reporting

  • Automates consolidation of operating units post closes, improving planning cycle with financial close
  • Provides controlled integration with planning tool, for more accurate reports at lower cost
  • Ensures visibility of the end-to-end process
  • Decreases errors and omissions in financial data for improved compliance
One automation

Interface management and accounting reconciliation

  • Delivers end-to-end monitoring and control over finance and accounting processes
  • Enables your team to proactively determine risk
  • Frees accounting staff from problem detection to concentrate on resolution
  • Ensures consistent finance and accounting processes (for all operating units and all periods)
  • Provides real-time estimation of financial process completion
One automation
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Genworth, a leading insurance provider, has reduced its monthly financial close process by 74% and saved up to 100 man-days per year. How much will you save?

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