Intelligent Automation with CA Automic Event Engine

Move from reactive to proactive, intelligent management of your business process

With information flow and event traffic increasing exponentially, it has become practically impossible to understand how changes in assumptions or conditions in one arena will affect operational delivery in another.

CA Automic Event Engine enables your organization to sift through massive data streams to sense, interpret, analyze and respond in real-time to meet or exceed your business automation requirements. CA Automic Event Engine detects critical business events, analyzes them and then triggers downstream actions to keep your business on track. Making your automation aware of the underlying business context, you move from reactive to proactive and intelligent management of your operations.

CA Automic Event Engine includes:

  • Scalable, real-time event stream processing – up to 50,000 events per second
  • Events from various source systems can be filtered using semantic logic
  • Direct triggering of automated workflows through dedicated event objects
  • Full integration into the visual designer user interface – no scripting needed

CA Automic Event Engine benefits:

  • Increases agility by detecting critical situations early using event correlations
  • Proactive management by responding immediately to incoming event exceptions
  • Reduces number of incidents and avoids downtime using complex decision scenarios
  • Supports improvements to your overall service quality through integration with real-time reporting and analytics

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