Disaster Recovery with CA Automic

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Disaster recovery gives you watertight protection for your most critical business services

Cloud, Big Data, mobility and the Internet of Things are all driving digital transformation on a massive scale in every business. You rely on different application stacks to deliver the innovative surrounding these disruptive services, so any outage in the underlying technology stack will mean an outage in the business services. And that spells disaster, in the form of revenue loss, rapid exodus of customers and diminished brand value.

Most organizations already have ways to backup and recover their data, typically replication technologies. In most cases however, the process used to failover business services is still manual. And that too spells potential disaster, the most significant being the dependence on the human factor in the middle of a potential disaster.

As digital transformation drives ever-more technology and increased complexity, there is an imperative need for a watertight business continuity plan. One that is independent of human intervention and utilizes best-of-breed automation technologies. That solution is CA Automic.

With CA Automic at the cornerstone of your disaster recovery process, you benefit from:

  • Complete visibility into your disaster recovery processes
  • Automated execution of your disaster recovery plan, with minimum human intervention
  • Reduced cost of maintaining your disaster recovery operations
  • Faster error-free business service recovery
  • Adherence to your service level agreements
  • Agile disaster recovery solution with a unified interface, unified reporting, and unified analytics

With CA Automic at the core of your disaster recovery process, you dramatically reduce the risk of a disaster, lower risk and maintain customer goodwill.

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