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How well are you doing DevOps?

Enterprises with digital aspirations now realize it’s DevOps or die. The increase in agility gained from short, automated deployment cycles is staggering, and it’s a matter of when not if software engineering teams make the switch.

The problem is that just doing DevOps is no longer a differentiator in itself. We now have to do it better than our competitors. Also, ‘making the switch’ is incredibly complex and case-specific. You have an ever-increasing list of tools to choose from and that elusive ‘DevOps culture’ to create.

While you are necessarily absorbed in your own DevOps journey you can lack perspective. Your DevOps might finally be producing results, but how does it compare to others? Are you as productive as you thought, and how can you approve?

We find the world of DevOps to be full of wistful ideals with not enough concrete action points or metrics. So we created a four-step Blueprint to Continuous Delivery, and a DevOps Maturity Assessment to show how the enterprises we talk to rank and compare to others in their industry.

The assessment means anyone can answer just a few questions to receive a rating on how mature their company’s DevOps model is, and personalized recommendations on how to step up to the next level.

You’ve spent so much time and effort on your DevOps transformation, so why not take five minutes and see how well you are actually performing?


CA Automic solutions go beyond the coverage of DevOps release management by enabling agility of both the core business applications, that are pervasive across all enterprises, as well as new digital business apps. With CA Automic v12, users benefit from using a common UI, a common set of integrations, as well as the underlying platform to achieve comprehensive automation into the IT operations space,” said Michael Azoff, principal analyst at Ovum. “CA Automic v12 has a great deal to offer organizations where DevOps is being used to refresh an agile transformation that has gone stale, or environments with a hybrid development process that is mainly traditional. The powerful unified analytics and intelligent automation capabilities delivered with this new release presents strong opportunities for CA and its clients.