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DevOps Automation

What is DevOps? Ask ten different people and you will get ten different answers. This is because unlike ITIL, COBIT, or ISO 17799, DevOps is not a defined or agreed standard, methodology or practice.

In short, DevOps is a philosophy where Dev and Ops teams coordinate and collaborate more closely than in traditional, siloed IT organizations. The end goal is to deploy software updates to production as frequently as possible. However, better coordination and collaboration alone are not enough to reap the benefits experienced by high-performing DevOps practitioners.

To be successful, DevOps has to provide more than automation from within a tool chain. Orchestration must be employed across the entire IT stack. Application Release Automation ensures that DevOps delivers what the business needs:

  • Maximizing the value of existing investments
  • Enabling the Continuous Deployment of new functionality
  • Enabling business applications to be migrated from one environment to another as software matures through the Continuous Delivery pipeline

CA Automic Release Automation provides the only tried and true production-first automation technology that acts as a digital assembly line. It orchestrates existing islands of automation, automates handoffs between siloed SMEs and provides compliance and governance adherence.

This is DevOps automation at an enterprise scale, where handling the rigors, scale and demands of production environments is paramount. Handling the Continuous Deployment of modern, heterogeneous applications is made possible with the ease and simplicity of push-button execution.

DevOps automation grants IT SMEs the bandwidth to be more responsive to line of business (LoB) needs and requirements and to achieve the value envisioned by LoB executives faster. DevOps automation ensures a consistent and repeatable deployment process, allowing application enhancements to be developed, tested and implemented in a secure and managed manner across environments, including production. This enables IT to support the needs of the business more directly while stimulating revenue growth, customer loyalty and innovation.

With CA Automic Release Automation, organizations can:

  • Enable the agile enterprise by providing self-help and “easy button” responsiveness for Application Release Automation

  • Give LoB and IT SMEs the ability to visualize the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

  • Gain the flexibility to deploy to public, private, hybrid clouds or containers such as Docker from a multitenant, production-proven platform

  • Harness the power of the Automic Marketplace to seamlessly download and use community-developed or Automic-built actions, processes or extensions

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