DevOps with Automic

DevOps is quickly maturing into an essential philosophy and a prerequisite for digital transformation success. However, DevOps is also an elusive goal: one that is as difficult to define as it is to hit. Rather than adopting a ‘herding kittens’ methodology to managing development tools and reaching DevOps, CA Technologies provides organizations with a proven blueprint approach to achieving the benefits of DevOps and enterprise-scale continuous delivery.

How DevOps is Delivered

We blend development, quality assurance (QA), operations, and the business into a highly responsive and coherent DevOps value chain. This blueprint—coupled with our production-proven Application Release Automation technology—is enabling DevOps and driving continuous delivery at Fortune 500 companies across the world.

DevOps for Everyone and Everything

Most vendors offering DevOps, Application Release Automation or continuous delivery solutions focus on Mode 2 applications: modern, digital, and agile apps. CA Technologies views IT and DevOps in a broader context and provides continuous delivery for both Mode 1 and Mode 2 applications. CA Technologies enables agility to legacy systems, commercial off-the-shelf software, or core backend applications while also providing greater compliance, safety, and scale to modern agile digital applications.

To determine the direction of your DevOps strategy, you need to know where you are starting from. CA provides a DevOps Maturity Assessment that allows you to get started or extend your DevOps journey. The assessment helps organizations like yours identify areas of improvement and current competencies.


  • Onboard DevOps across all IT systems, Mode 1 and Mode 2
  • Gain a practical blueprint for providing continuous delivery across all applications
  • Empower globally distributed DevOps teams with simple self-service capabilities
  • Standardize automated deployment mechanism across all environments for all delivery SMEs: developer, QA, operations or the business Unit

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