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The pace of change, ultra-competition and digital transformation demand reliable and timely business intelligence. Put insight and information in the hands of decision makers and your company is more agile, more innovative and more competitive. A trusted and fast enterprise data warehouse is key to delivering business-critical reports to business users at the right time, anywhere.

However, running an enterprise data warehouse requires the coordination of multiple discrete operations across disparate applications, databases and systems—all in the correct sequence, at the correct time and under the correct conditions. Missing one step in the process, or executing a step at the wrong time, can result in a significant amount of wasted processing time or in the worst-case scenario, bad data.

Increase agility and speed by automating your enterprise data warehouse processes

CA Automic Data Automation automates, accelerates and controls your data warehousing processes. A single, unified automation engine across systems and applications removes latency between vendor applications, increases throughput and ensures the proper execution sequence for faster data integration cycles. CA provides the intelligent business automation to enable the agile enterprise, enabling competitive advantage and maximizing the value of your data warehouses.

You also have the flexibility to create dependencies across the enterprise to any business, data or systems event. This enable you to process data at the correct time without having to create scripts or spend time investigating multiple disconnected systems across the enterprise. From a single unified web console, you can manage fully-integrated file transfers for more predictable, reliable processing.


  • Enables users to design, create, and load data warehouses with agility and speed
  • Provides reports to business users within minutes of the data being available
  • Ensures SLAs on management reporting and dashboards are consistently met
  • Makes certain business teams receive accurate, timely information for decision making
  • Reduces complexity and technology management costs
  • Enables users to make changes to the data warehouse in hours not months

Find out how to automate your data warehousing processes

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