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Get Your Continuous Delivery Tools on Track

Automating and Orchestrating the complete DevOps toolchain

Where do your tools fit within a comprehensive Continuous Delivery value chain?

Continuous Delivery tools enable DevOps. Like any modern metro rail system, you need coordination between all of the different lines to safely deliver people from one end to the other.  The London tube reminds passengers to, "Mind the Gap" or watch your step as you step on or off the rail cars.  Automic will help you mind the gaps in delivering your apps safely, consistently and rapidly to your customers.  Review Automic's Map of Continuous Delivery Tools to see where your tools fit within a comprehensive Continuous Delivery value chain.

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Continuous Delivery is a set of methods and best practices for continuously making releases available for production.  Continuous Deployment takes this a step further by automatically deploying changes into production.  Continuous Deployment is only possible if you use the same automation mechanics in all environments.  Automic Release Automation provides production-proven deployment pipelines, automation mechanics, and DevOps toolchain orchestration capabilities. 
One of the challenges of the DevOps toolchain is that the diversity of the continuous delivery tools and the designed use cases for these tools create a disordered sprawl that can be difficult to combine into a coherent Continuous Delivery value chain.
Automic Release Automation allows DevOps team members to select the continuous delivery tools of their choice and then orchestrate this automated toolchain into a standardized and consistent deployment pipeline.  From a compliance and audit point of view, Automic provides a pre-approved change process (aka deployment pipeline) in all environments, including production.  From mainframe to Docker, or from Siebel to Microservices, or from middleware to containers, Automic is the central hub for the entire DevOps ecosystem.
Automic will allow you to maximize the value of your existing investments by bringing agility to core backend systems and enabling them to be a part of a Continuous Delivery value chain and enterprise scaled deployment pipeline.