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Drive Agility Across SAP Test Environments

Today, every business is a digital business. Organizations are undergoing radical transformations as they implement a digital business strategy, looking to align the pace of new digital technology with traditional ERPs and core business applications.


As the complexity and speed of change increases, agile SAP development and testing is emerging as a way to address the need for the accelerated and continuous delivery of new features to the business.

However most organizations find it difficult and time-consuming to provide appropriately masked copies of SAP data for use by testers. This causes delays in the agile development processes, and this drain of resources, storage and time required to manage data and run tests across SAP environments impacts global costs and business success.

CA Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP enables organizations using SAP to create agile data environments for development and testing. CA enables the optimization of SAP application delivery process by automating and accelerating SAP system copies, test data provisioning, test data masking and test case executions.

CA Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP typically reduces the duration of the development cycle by up to 50%, allowing application teams to perform more frequent tests with better data, this enabling the modern software factory to unleash innovation while increasing production quality.

Continuous Delivery for SAP Features

  • Automated SAP landscape copy, in particular the pre and post process tasks necessary to ensure a valid copy is produced
  • Automated copy, refresh or reset to pristine state of the actual SAP test data used for testing
  • Sensitive SAP data scrambling on the non-production copies to make them compliant with security regulations
  • Orchestration of validation scenarios (smoke tests) on refreshed SAP systems to ensure they are fit for purpose
  • End-to-end control and monitoring of the entire SAP testing process from a single console, from the SAP landscape copy to the actual test cases, through the test data provisioning
  • Self-service portal or ITSM integration that eliminates involvement from the SAP basis team to run and control the test processes

Continuous Delivery for SAP Benefits

  • Reduce costs for provisioning test data and SAP system copies
  • Accelerate testing cycles with self-service provisioning and test-case execution
  • Ensure quality and consistent testing by using fresh data on test cases
  • Reduce cost and storage requirements of SAP test data
  • Increase compliance by anonymizing sensitive data in non-production environments
  • Faster time-to-market speeds with shorter cycles in backend applications
  • Lower operational costs with skilled staff freed from mundane and repetitive tasks