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Automic pioneers Workload Automation for the Digital Transformation Era

Unveils new capabilities to orchestrate hybrid Automation silos, drive intelligent insights and build automation centres of excellence

VIENNA & SEATTLE – October 6, 2016 Automic Software, the leader in Business Automation, today unveiled a new era of workload automation, designed to power Digital Transformation and automate the critical business processes of modern hybrid-cloud enterprises.

Automation Powering Digital Transformation

Today automation is deployed across every aspect of the modern enterprise – from core business processes on SAP and Oracle, to service delivery, to Big Data, to Analytics and to the Cloud.  However, the automation capabilities employed are often fragmented solutions from point vendors pieced together by over-worked operational teams with different interfaces, different analytics and different learning skills.

As a result, traditional enterprises are failing in their ability to meet the needs of the business in driving agility and speed across their operational environments.

Today, Automic is unveiling a new generation of workload automation that unifies these silo’s of automation and empowers operational IT with the tools they need to be the powerhouse of their digital transformation.

“Operational teams in IT have struggled too long with poor tools to drive automation across their enterprise” says John Purrier, Chief Technology Officer at Automic.  “Today with Automic V12 we are changing that.  CA Automic Workload Automation V12 and CA Automic Service Orchestration V12 give operational IT the tools they need to leverage automation to drive their digital transformation initiatives across their hybrid-cloud IT”.

Unifying the Silo’s of Automation

For too long, automation has existed as an after-thought from point vendors that look to augment their product capabilities with silo’d technology. This results in a piece-meal approach that lowers productivity, reduces re-use and impedes operational IT in their ability to support their digital transformation initiatives.

CA Automic Workload Automation V12 and CA Automic Service Orchestration V12 have been designed to orchestrate across all these point solutions with an open API approach:

  • Through a new unified interface, operational teams can manage automation tasks from the cloud to the mainframe, from managed file transfers to SAP operational execution. 
  • Through new unified reporting & analytics, operational teams can gain intelligent insights across their automation silo’s.
  • Through new SLA management, operational teams can define SLA’s for specific tasks and ensure delivery against business imperatives.

Removing downtime from automation upgrades

For too long, planned downtime has been the standard operating approach for on-premises technology.  Automic V12 ends that today. 

  • With CA Automic Workload Automation V12, customers now benefit from zero-downtime upgrades when deploying new server or agents. Automic’s new agents update themselves with zero business impact by intelligently determining when to upgrade based on their workload and operational schedule.

Towards Automation Centers of Excellence

Automation is now the strategic enabler of Digital Transformation.  As automation becomes more prevalent across enterprises, skills re-use and the sharing of automation components has become difficult due to the point solutions being employed.

  • With CA Automic Workload Automation V12 skills reuse is made simpler through the unified interface, while reporting and analytics drives greater insight by connecting these islands. 
  • CA Automic Service Orchestration V12 enables the “uber” orchestration of processes across different silo’s and shares the same unified, scalable and open engine that powers workload automation.  This further improves TCO and increases skills-reuse.
  • Sharing of automation artifacts across public or private cloud processes is made possible by the availability of NEW secure private Vaults within the Automic Marketplace.  Now operational IT have the tools to orchestrate the cloud alongside their traditional enterprise stacks, while building centers of excellence for automation to empower and drive productivity across their organizations.

“We use automation to drive the business processes that support the digital services we deliver to our customers” says Shay Guttman, VP Technology & Digital Officer, OPSI (International Forwarding) Ltd., Authorised Service Contractor for UPS. “With Automic we get a strong automation platform (engine) that helps us orchestrate our entire system from the infrastructure level all the way through to the app.  Automic V12 greatly enhances our customer experience with one common, unified interface from which they can track their requests and underlying business processes. Advances to the REST APIs will also allow us to extend the integrations we already have with our Chat and VIVR [visual integrated voice recognition] channels. The packaging of new analytics and reporting modules will mean we will no longer need to rely on external BI tools.”

“Digital transformation requires continuous availability and tight integration across multiple systems and data sources,” explains Mary Johnston Turner, IDC Research Vice President Enterprise Systems Management Software. “ V12 updates Automic’s unified workload management, service management orchestration and application release automation platform to address these needs by eliminating maintenance downtime, enabling blueprint driven provisioning, and providing support for API based integrations.”

“Recently 84.51° embarked on an incredible journey with Automic. By partnering with the Automic team, we were able to successfully and completely replace our previous workload automation tool with CA Automic Workload Automation in less than 90 days! Due to the success of that project, we subsequently ran a successful POC of CA Automic Release Automation and are in the process of implementing that at this time.  This gives us the speed and agility we need to get new application updates and services to our clients,” said Jeff Schmidt, Senior Automation Engineer, 84.51°. “Automic V12 will allow us to go further in empowering our business users with a new unified user interface through which they can visually track their solutions each step of the way.”

Availability and Pricing:

CA Automic Workload Automation V12 and CA Automic Service Orchestration V12 are immediately available for general shipment.  All plugins are immediately available on the Automic Marketplace. Pricing is on demand for non-Automic customers.

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