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Automic Consulting: your touchstone for IT transformation

IT Operations is no longer a cost center, reactively managing technology components. It is now a business, driven by application demands. Business automation enables you to adapt to this new era, freeing up resources so you can innovate services more quickly, accelerate agility and capitalize on developing trends like the cloud, mobility, big data, the Internet of Things — and much more.

However, performance cannot be delivered by technology alone. Productivity and agility are the result of the right combination of skills, methods and tools. In other words, automation will only succeed if the right culture is in place and you rethink how the digital factory is operated.

Automic Consulting is your touchstone for this IT transformation. We help you streamline the end-to-end flow of value in your IT and business processes, connecting functional silos and moving away from your reliance on point automation solutions. Across cloud, on premise, and hybrid environments—large or small—Automic Consulting enables you to keep pace with change, cope with complexity and align your IT more closely to the business.

Automic Consulting: ‘over the horizon’ vision

No-one knows IT operational performance like Automic Consulting—it’s all we do. Our team of consultants has decades of IT industrialization experience, unrivalled knowledge and ‘over the horizon’ vision to tackle your most pressing challenges.

Whether you’re looking for business agility, performance, reliability or efficiency, Automic Consulting will make it happen. Our services are organized around four consulting practices that individually or combined help you transform your IT strategy into reality:

  • DevOps: Transforming your IT culture; sustaining continuous and accelerated flows to reduce your time to market

The portfolio of Automic Consulting services may also be combined with Automic business automation toolsets to capitalize on the full power of business automation, incorporating skills, methods and tools in one end-to-end solution.

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