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Complex Event Processing with Automic Policy Orchestrator

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Move from reactive to pro-active management of your business process

With information flow and event traffic increasing exponentially, it has become practically impossible to understand how changes in assumptions or conditions in one arena will affect operational delivery in another.

Complex Event Processing (CEP) enables your organization to sift through massive data streams to sense, interpret, analyze, and respond in real-time to meet or exceed your business automation requirements. CEP detects critical business events, analyzes them and then triggers downstream actions to keep your business on track. That way, you move from reactive to pro-active management of your business process operations.

Monitor SLAs agreed with the business

Automic Policy Orchestrator is a distributed and scalable platform for CEP. The CEP engine turns your organization into a highly adaptive enterprise capable of monitoring business processes in real-time. Among many advantages, Automic Policy Orchestrator delivers continuously updated business information concerning critical business processes, early detection of business opportunities through real-time analysis, and rapid decision processes for intelligently reacting to exceptions. For added flexibility, the data model also offers independent integration with your existing IT systems.

Business processes are graphically depicted in Automic Policy Orchestrator’s user-friendly Modeling Studio and automatically executed in Sense and Respond loops. Decision processes with real-time data are context aware and automatically adjusted to the business environment. Exceptions are immediately detected and decisions are taken preemptively – depending on your policies.

The Automic Policy Orchestrator solution includes the following features:

  • Event stream processing
  • Graphical solution modeling with drag and drop
  • Encapsulation of all Sense and Respond processing steps
  • Events from various source systems can be combined for processing using semantic correlation
  • Complex decision scenarios are divided into several easily modeled stages sense, interpret, analyze, decide and respond
  • Scalable platform enables the processing of thousands of events per second • Transactional event processing


  • Increases agility by detecting critical situations early using event correlations and other business intelligence practices
  • Delivers proactive management by responding immediately to incoming event exceptions
  • Reduces number of incidents and avoids downtimes using complex decision scenarios to sense, interpret, analyze, and decide
  • Supports improvements to your overall service quality through real-time analytics

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