“Having a separate Process Scheduler for AP, AR, HR, Finance, and the rest meant that we would need a whole lot of people with the authority to launch jobs. In our view, that was unacceptable."

Mike Conlon, UF Director of Data Infrastructure

University of Florida

  • Integrate PeopleSoft with Cognos and Informatica types 
  • Control jobs in multiple Process Schedulers 
  • Reduce need to manually submit job
Region: Florida
Industry: Education
Solutions: CA Automic Workload Automation

Customer benefits

Reducenumber of people authorized to run jobs manually
OperationReduce cost of operation
Deliverresults faster and more consistently to the business

Why Automic?

Meeting requirements

This central location is the Automic platform graphical user interface. Within six months UF had created all PeopleSoft, Informatica and Cognos batch schedules in the Automic platform.The Automic solution also works with the UF legacy mainframe systems, monitoring to ensure jobs complete successfully, managing all backups and automating FTPs and data transfers from the legacy systems into PeopleSoft.