"We can significantly reduce the manual work involved and also the ongoing maintenance costs.”

Dr. Thomas Thalhammer, Enterprise Architect

SPAR ICS Case Study

  • Overall solution with centralized management and automation across system boundaries 
  • Internationally established, future-proof platform 
  • Migration of current processes to Automic’s platform


Region: Austria
Industry: IT
Solutions: CA Automic Workload Automation

Customer benefits

Centralmanagement and automation of a heterogeneous IT environment
Automatedhandling of more than 100,000 processes each day using an Automic solution 
Reductionin process start-ups in SAP Retail of 3500 per day 
Reducedrisk of shutdown

Why Automic?

The implementation of Automic’s product and the migration of its existing processes gave SPAR ICS an overall solution with centralized management and automation across system boundaries. Now the software starts up and monitors all the processes automatically. In addition, process steps on different systems have been coordinated with one another and their workflows have been automated, so that downstream steps only start when the previous step has been completed.