“Automic is transforming the way PVA develops and releases applications— we can launch higher quality applications more quickly, and there’s now more time for testing,”

Walter Schimpelsberger, Pensionsversicherungsanstalt

Pensionsversicherungsanstalt (PVA) Case Study

  • Faster delivery of new application functionality to business users allowing more time for testing 
  • Lowered deployment costs and increased staff productivity 
  • Led to 6x increase in frequency of application releases for testing 


Region: Austria
Industry: Pension Provider
Solutions: CA Automic Release Automation

Customer benefits

Automated management of entire application release lifecycle
Advanced controls for scheduling of application releases
Centralized monitoring and tracking of package builds and release processes
Deliveredcomprehensive audit and reporting of deployments

Why Automic?

PVA implemented CA Automic Release Automation to fully automate deployments, based on using visual workflows. The solution also automates other administration tasks, like supporting the test and development systems, and setting up and configuring server environments. By orchestrating the application releases process, Automic gives PVA the two factors it craves most during development: speed and control.