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“The implementation of Temenos T24 was a major milestone for Meezan Bank,”

Ali Imran Khan, SVP, IT Operations and Service Management Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank Case Study

  • Add layer between COB operators and T24 system to avoid the super user rights 
  • Centralized visibility and control of COB processing – dash board 
  • Automated accounting processes, introducing error detection and alerting 


Region: Pakistan
Industry: Banking
Solutions: Automic Workload Automation

Customer benefits

Increasedreliability and control
Lowerbusiness risk
ReducedIT admin costs by half

Why Automic?

The Bank implemented Automic Workload Automation in just nine days. Just one administrator is now needed to trigger the automated close of business process. From an intuitive dashboard, IT Operations has complete visibility into the T24 close of business process, allowing them to track process execution and take immediate action as exceptions occur.