“What I like is that I can build a module once and it can be brilliant and I never have to touch it again.”

Laurie Miller, Senior Programming Analyst, GMU

George Mason University (GMU) Case Study

  • Calendar based and event driven automation  
  • Granular security controls restrict production access 
  • Rapid ad-hoc and custom reports delivered to end users  


Region: USA
Industry: Education
Solutions: CA Automic Workload Automation

Customer benefits

Achievedtotal integration
Establishedreliable processing
Improvedoutput management

Why Automic?

Since implementing Automic, administrators at George Mason University have enjoyed faster and more efficient processing of jobs, better distribution of resources, and reduced risk associated with data entry errors. Automic has helped free up sta  resources, and provided the overall benefit of working with an automated, integrated system.