"If we have a predictable and dependable process, every partner gets predictable and reliable service.”

David ByrneCIO, Connected World Services

Carphone Warehouse Case Study

  • System of record to capture transactions
  • Predictable and dependable retail processes
  • Ability to operate over heterogeneous platforms


Region: Europe
Industry: Telecoms
Solutions: CA Automic Workload Automation

Customer benefits

Predictableand dependable retail processest
Visibilityacross business processes
SEPA compliantahead of Feb 2014 deadline

Why Automic?

Carphone Warehouse runs hundreds of thousands of scripts every night, so automating processes is a priority. When the company first started automating processes, the automation tools available could not operate over heterogeneous platforms, so the retailer had to write its own software to support this functionality. Carphone Warehouse has now replaced its  scripts with the Automic Business Automation platform, cutting over 100,000 lines of code from its systems.