“CA Automic is a lot more powerful than other tools. Reusable objects, parameters and templates mean you don’t need to reinvent the wheel when creating new workflows”

Frédéric Vast Assistant Director of IT systems

Afibel Case Study

  • Full automation of the invoicing system 
  • Centralized control and management of business processes 
  • Integration of both internal and external data flow 


Region: France
Industry: Fashion
Solutions: CA Automic Dollar Universe

Customer benefits

Reduced invoicing processing time by 75%
Enhanced productivity and increased levels of customer satisfaction
Optimized warehouse processes

Why CA Automic?

Before implementing CA Automic Dollar Universe, Afibel reviewed its internal IT processes. Jobs that were previously controlled manually have been fully automated. CA Automic Dollar Universe has since been completely integrated into business processes and forms the cornerstone of the IT system.