With offices all over the globe — except Antarctica — you will have the opportunity to work with the smartest, and most talented people in the technology world.

We are hard-workers. We are product nerds, sales associates, moms, dads, connectors, dog owners, problem solvers, cyclists, artists and social media addicts. We come to work every morning feeling like we’re building something truly innovative. We believe business automation is magical and we want to lead the industry in what is possible. We are determined to pursue greatness, and at Automic we are all in this together as one team.

We are customer focused, growth oriented, invest in building a sustainable and dynamic business. We have great customers and are adding more every month. 

Adrian Shaw
Account Director ANZ

...because I love making a difference.

Dave Kellermanns
Chief Automation Architect

From the top leadership to the rank and file, Automic brings together some of the best minds and fun personalities from around the globe.

Kristen Diamond
Global Director Demand Generation

People and their talents are the core of what Automic is! A unique combination of the technology of the future and amazing people!

Valia Papaspyrou
Global Content Marketing Director

The culture of Automic ensures that we are all pulling in the same direction and have a great amount of respect for the skills and knowledge that everyone brings.

Rachel Teare
Senior Director, Digital Marketing


We’d be breaking all of the classic tech company rules if we didn’t say we have a cool team that enjoys having fun.  We work hard and play hard.  We have our annual Sales Kick Off football match, our Automic Band who helps to rock our events, the marathon run for charity and a lot more.

As a team, we are dedicated to technology and disrupting the automation space.


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