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5 Tips to Speed up Environment and Server Provisioning

Frustrated waiting around for environment and server provisioning? Here are a few tips to make your life easier!

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Mon 16th Jan 2017

Where is Agile SAP? The Missing Link in Your Continuous Delivery Toolchain

Agile Development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery are everywhere else, so why not SAP?

Nils Engelbert
Nils Engelbert, Wed 11th Jan 2017

Automic Live Prague

We review the highlights of Automic Live Prague and look at some of the conversations that shaped the event

Oliver Block
Oliver Block, Mon 9th Jan 2017

5 Tips for Choosing the Best File Transfer Software

How to select the correct managed file transfer solution for today’s agile business environment

Tony Beeston
Tony Beeston, Thu 5th Jan 2017

What is DevOps Culture?

Everyone everywhere is doing DevOps, but what does this mean and why are there so many definitions?

Scott Willson
Scott Willson, Tue 3rd Jan 2017

Ten Golden Benefits of DevOps

Looking for a watertight business case for adopting DevOps practices? This top ten list of DevOps benefits will have your executives giving DevOps the green light in no time.

Ron Gidron
Ron Gidron, Wed 28th Dec 2016

What is Agile?

With agile methodologies having changed the face of software development, we examine the different definitions, how it has evolved and what the future holds

Scott Willson
Scott Willson, Thu 22nd Dec 2016

Why do You Need a Digital Transformation Strategy?

Digital transformation is touching almost every industry. It’s time to meet it head on, using automation to drive agility across your core enterprise applications.

Ralf Paschen

Building a Data Warehouse to Guarantee Speed, Agility and Reliability

Why automation prevents you getting bogged down in expensive and inefficient complexity when building a data warehouse

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Fri 16th Dec 2016

CA Automic Release Automation Wins Prize in Best in Biz Awards

Find out why our ARA v12 release receives accolade from members of press and industry analysts

Chris Boorman
Chris Boorman, Tue 13th Dec 2016


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