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ERP Automation for the Digital Age

With the right automation solution your ERP system is no longer a bottleneck to business agility.

Tony Beeston
Tony Beeston, Wed 7th Dec 2016

A Brief History of Java and Why Java Deployment Automation is a Must

Why and when was Java made, what is it used for and what does the future hold?

Ron Gidron
Ron Gidron, Tue 6th Dec 2016

Looking back at Automic Live Paris 2016

We take a look at the highlights of our third annual event, held this year at Pavillon Dauphine on Nov 22

Nicolas Combaret
Nicolas Combaret, Wed 30th Nov 2016

The Debate on DevOps Methodology: Does DevOps Work in Practice?

A DevOps methodology evangelist takes on a DevOps doubter

Larry Salomon
Larry Salomon, Mon 28th Nov 2016

How IT Automation Helps You Optimize to Modernize

Holistic IT automation enables the agility and speed required for digital transformation

Yann Guernion
Yann Guernion, Thu 24th Nov 2016

Close Books Faster and Eliminate Risk with Finance Automation

We look at how finance automation helps a heathcare and a finance organization to automate and accelerate manual finance processes to increase efficiency, cut costs and reducing risk.

Guenther Flamm
Guenther Flamm, Mon 21st Nov 2016

Removing Your Barriers to Business Agility: Automating IT Operations

Alleviating concerns about automating IT Operations and ensuring your path to agility is clear

Robert Thullner

The Best DevOps Training is Done the DevOps Way: Agile and Collaborative

Bringing DevOps together in an agile environment tailored to your needs

Damien Convert
Damien Convert, Wed 16th Nov 2016

Automic Nominated in Two Best DevOps Tools Categories at DevOps Dozen Awards

Do you think Automic makes the best DevOps tools and deserves to be named Best DevOps Commercial Solution and Most Innovative DevOps Solution?

Courtney Glymph
Courtney Glymph, Fri 11th Nov 2016

Dissecting the State of DevOps Report: What the Numbers Mean to You

The 2016 State of DevOps shows you what high-performing organizations are doing differently

John Purrier
John Purrier, Wed 2nd Nov 2016


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